2-Hour Marketing Makeover

In this workshop, you’ll gain:

  • The confidence to put together your business development plan to hit the revenue and profit targets
  • The motivation to stop procrastinating and put together a marketing plan which works for your practice
  • A step-by-step process to build an effective marketing plan which feels authentic and manageable with the little time you have available for marketing

This £99 (inc VAT) workshop is designed for accountants, tax professionals and bookkeepers like you who want to fill their pipeline with easy-to-convert, high-quality leads.

The workshop will cover some of the essentials to get your marketing really working, such as:

  • What niches or specialisms really do work (and they don’t need to be linked to an industry)
  • How to create and use client personas to help you attract the right type of clients
  • The one channel to market you must not overlook (and is normally overlooked)
  • What your website does or doesn’t need to have on it

Here’s what makes this workshop special:

  1. It’s focused on the unique needs of accounting, bookkeeping, tax, Portfolio FD practice owners
  2. Actionable insights: This isn’t a hype-and-hope session. We’ll discuss real-life examples and scenarios that you can easily implement in your business.
  3. Expert guidance: Heather, who is running the session, is just awesome at breaking down the tricky topic of marketing into easy-to-understand steps. After all, she’s written 2 books on the topic of marketing and has been helping practice owners win more business for over 15 years now.


Jul 02 2024


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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