"Yes... You Too Can Have Your Own 'Business Club' Completely Set Up For You"
Branded in your name and delivered by world-class experts to help your clients build more successful businesses... all done WITHOUT cost or you having to lift a single finger...
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Here's Why You Should  Have Your Own  Business Club...
You don't have to lift a single finger!
YOUR CLUB   But We Do Everything For You...
Your business club, we call it the Growth Club, consists of 8 powerful, 2 hour workshops, delivered by one of our world-class coaches (40+ in the UK) over a 4-month period.  Each Club has between 10 and 12 clients. 

We facilitate the entire process. We present and deliver each workshop. We print and provide all of the workshop materials (all in your branding). We even provide you with the printed invitations and emails for you to send to your clients promoting the Club.

All you have to do is take care of the venue (which can be at your offices or a client's office), invite your clients and attend the workshops. It couldn't be easier for you. 
You don't have to lift a single finger!
It's rare in this day and age that you can have a proven and valuable service for FREE. But that's exactly what you get with the Growth Club.   It won't cost you a single penny. There's no up-front fee. No ongoing fee. We put YOUR Growth Club in place and absorb all the set up fees. We make our money by charging a small fee (only £90 per workshop per client - see below for more details) . 
Your own Growth Club for FREE!
Your own Growth Club for FREE!
Differentiate your practice and acquire more clients!
WIN NEW CLIENTS By Clearly Differentiating From Other Firms...
The Growth Club  gives you a fantastic differentiator  that will not only delight your existing clients, but give you a clear uniqueness  you can promote to win new business clients.  You know all too well that your compliance services are now commodities  and in order to win NEW business, your value-added services are critical. Trouble is, most of your competitors promote similar value-added services. The Growth Club therefore gives you a clear point of difference, without you having to deliver anything. 

Having your own branded Growth Club offers a substantial strategic differentiator... and we put it all in place for you!
Differentiate your practice and acquire more clients!
SELL MORE Value-Added Services
Having your own Growth Club opens all sorts of doors for you... 

By bringing together 10-12 clients for each Growth Club (you can run as many Clubs as you want), you'll have 8 inspiring, 2-hour workshops with networking time built in, to positively influence  each client and open up opportunities to sell more of your value-added services (such as profit and cash flow drivers, product mix and profitability, break even analysis, benchmarking, management accounts, cash flow management, corporate finance, tax planning etc.). 

After all, when you spend more time speaking with clients and prospects it opens up a whole pyramid of value-added earning opportunities. Furthermore, a closer relationship with your clients will protect them from attack from your competition. 

You cannot over estimate the effect of increased client contact  and how much extra business this will bring you. After all, having extra valuable time with your best clients must be one of your goals and the Growth Clubs enable you to do exactly that.  
The environment to sell more value-added services!
The environment to sell more value added services!
Get more referrals - the best type of business!
REFERRALS... How Many Do You Want?
As you’ve just read, each workshop is designed with networking opportunities built in for the group to get to know each other. Inevitably this environment creates a culture of referral   from within the group, but more importantly to other business associates. You'll become the 'talk of the town' leading to a constant stream of referrals.
Get more referrals - the best type of business!
WIN-WIN-WIN   For You, Your Clients And Us 
Together with all the benefits the Growth Club brings to you and your practice, by supporting the Club, you secure a 50% discount for all your clients. Instead of paying our regular £180 per workshop, your clients only have to invest £90 per workshop.

Then there are the workshops themselves which reveal the “THINGS THAT MAKE MARKETING WORK”. Your clients get to know the tactics needed to convert any marketing strategy into a world beater. As soon as they apply them…they get results…it’s as simple as that. You can read all about them here.
Your Growth Club brings genuine synergy!
The Growth Club brings genuine synergy!
The Growth Club is tailored to your firm!
An important part of the Growth Club is to 'make it yours'.   We do this in a number of ways, namely...

- Branding:   The Club will be named 'Your Firm's Name Growth Club'. For example, if your firm is called 'Styles & Co', the Club will be called 'Styles & Co Growth Club'. We keep the style of the Growth Club branding and incorporate your name into the logo. Here's what the logo will look like...
- Workshop Printed Materials: The workshop printed materials will have  your branding on too (incidentally we print the workshop materials on your behalf and pay for them, so there's no cost to you).

- Growth Club  Landing Page: We buy a specific URL for your Growth Club landing page. This is the page you direct your clients to for them to join the Club (see below).
The Growth Club is tailored to your firm!
20 years specialising in selling online to small and medium sized businesses has enabled us to create web pages that push the right hot buttons and   get results

The  'Delegate Recruitment Page' we build for you   is specifically written to  address the challenges and needs of ambitious business owners. It  explains in clear detail what each workshop covers and HOW each growth tactic will improve their sales and marketing.  

You simply direct your clients to the tailored “done-for-you” Delegate Recruitment Page and once there, your clients are given the option of joining. 

Plus, to ensure all your clients can see this is 'YOUR CLUB' we provide the done-for-you emails to send to them and the Delegate Recruitment Page will then work its magic.  

The tailored 'Delegate Recruitment Page' does the SELLING!
The tailored 'Delegate Recruitment Page' does the SELLING!
Perfect for ANY small or medium sized business!
INVITE SME Clients Who Are Looking For Growth   ...
The Growth Club is for ANY small or medium sized business.  It is NOT for large businesses.  It's perfect for business owners who are looking to grow their business, or looking to maximise value on exit, or who are frustrated with their growth, or simply want to take their business to the next level. It doesn't matter whether they sell products or services. Whether they sell to businesses or consumers. Or if they're online or offline (or both).  The tactics are 100% applicable to every SME business.
Perfect for ANY small or medium sized business!
NO BS... Just Proven, Actionable Growth Tactics
The tactics delivered at each workshop are  based on fundamental principles that have been helping thousands of businesses to grow over the last 20 years.  As one of the world's leading business growth coaching, consulting and training companies,  The Core Asset routinely delivers transformational results for its clients. 

The workshops reveal the tactics that ANY small and medium sized business can use to grow. It's not rocket science, but it IS a science and your clients will love the practical and scientific  approach we take   to ensure they get results  fast!
At last! Just 'growth tactics' that work!
Our coaches are the 'Roger Federers of the coaching world'!
FULLY TRAINED    World-Class Coach Delivers The Workshops...
All our coaches are experienced, fully trained, been there, done it and have the T-shirt. With just over 40 in the UK, your clients can expect a truly eye-opening series of workshops that will transform how they currently acquire their customers, clients or patients.

Once you're accepted to participate in the Growth Clubs, one of the first things we do is match you with one of our world-class coaches and they will come and meet you at your offices to take you through the Growth Club process. 

Our coaches are the 'Roger Federers' of the coaching world!
IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT The Coach And The Tactics...
For any workshop to succeed, you need content that actually WORKS and is easy to apply... an experienced coach to deliver the content... and of course a willing and ambitious business owner who is eager to apply what he learns.
But it needs something else… something to HELP the business owner AFTER the workshop! And that’s where most fail, but we’ve left nothing to chance. No stone unturned.

Delegates (in this case your clients) ALSO get as part of their workshop package ...

- 'PLAYBOOK' (step-by-step instructions on applying the tactic)

- 'IMPLEMENTATION TASK SHEET' (precise 'paint-by-the-numbers' steps to  create each tactic)

- 'CHECKLIST' (list of the key elements required to optimise results)

- 'MEMBERS ONLY WEBSITE' (all delegates get access to the Growth Club members' website. This includes digital versions of the content detailed above, plus  videos on each workshop - these are especially useful if a client misses a workshop)

- 'FACEBOOK GROUP' (delegates get access to the Growth Club Facebook group. This is a  closed group just for Growth Club delegates and used to help support them)
An example of a 'PLAYBOOK'!
The login page to the Growth Club Membership site!
Make money while you sleep or go on holiday!
OUR MILLION+ PROGRAMME Will Also Make You Money   ...
Once the series of eight workshops has been delivered, your clients may choose to work more closely with their Growth Club coach. Should that be the case, we have both consulting and coaching packages available. In any case we ensure that you receive a share of any income on an ongoing, passive basis. 
Make money while you sleep or go on holiday!
"Limited Openings - APPLY NOW"
Get your own Growth Club  done for you WITHOUT cost!
"It's FREE So Why Do I Have To Apply To Get My Own Growth Club?"
In order to ensure the success of each Growth Club, there are certain 'FACTORS' that need to be in place...

FACTOR  #1:  We Only Want To Work With Ambitious Accountants

To ensure the success of the Growth Clubs, it's important we only set up Growth Clubs with ambitious business owners.  That ensures the right mindset and all parties will prosper as a consequence. 

FACTOR #2: We Have Significant Set-Up Costs

We absorb the set-up costs, so we need to make sure we're 'partnering' with the right accountancy firms,  who once they commit to having their Growth Club, it gets launched. 

FACTOR #3: We Don't Want To Waste Time & Effort  Dealing With Indecisive People

We’ve been in and around the accounting sector for many years. We know as you do, that some accountants are just not entrepreneurial. We don't deal with people like that because it wastes too much time and energy.

FACTOR #4: We Only Work With Accountants Who Are Actively Looking To Help Their Business Clients Grow & Prosper

Central to The Growth Club  concept is a willingness, desire and determination for the accountant to  want to help their business clients build better, more profitable businesses. If you're more concerned with compliance and being a 'normal' accountant then this isn't for you.

FACTOR #5: We Only Have 40+ Coaches In The UK

It's not easy finding world-class and experienced coaches. We only bring on board coaches who have a high level of expertise and  proven track record . Currently we have just over 40 world-class coaches in the UK. Therefore, we can't offer a Growth Club to every accountant who wants one! The application process makes sure we are delivering Growth Clubs for the right people. 
The Growth Club isn't for everyone. Applying helps us and you decide if you're the right fit!
If you are the right fit, then having your own Growth Club  will make a significant difference to the growth of your firm and your clients businesses!
"Limited Openings - APPLY NOW"
Get your own Growth Club  done for you WITHOUT cost!
What Happens Once You Apply And We Agree To Go Ahead?
Setting up your Growth Club is surprisingly easy, especially with our help!
To get started simply click on  the button below. The Growth Club Application process takes just 5-7 minutes.

Once we receive your application, Rob Hogarth our Business Development Director, will be in touch to arrange a 20 minute phone call. During the call you and Rob will determine if the Growth Club is a good fit for you or not.

We will then allocate your coach and they will contact you to arrange a meeting at your offices. The purpose of this meeting is 3-fold: First, so you can start building a relationship. Second, so you can plan the dates, times and venue for the 8 workshops (typically your first workshop is usually scheduled 3-4 weeks after your meeting with the coach). And third to agree the launch date.

Typically the launch will be within one week of your meeting with your coach. We'll supply the marketing materials (emails etc.) for you to send to your clients.  By the way, we don't ever have access to your client base. You'll send out invites to your clients from you.

The first Growth Club workshop  kicks off the Growth Club.  Subsequent workshops will be around 2 weeks apart, so the Club will extend over a 4 month period.

After the 8th workshop that particular Growth Club ends, although clients will have lifetime access to the membership site. 

There’s no limit to the number of Growth Clubs you have. You will never be charged a penny for any of them. You can run them one after the other or concurrently depending how many of your clients apply to take part. 
"Limited Openings - APPLY NOW"
Get your own Growth Club  done for you WITHOUT cost!
Your Questions Answered
What exactly is the Growth Club?

Very simply the Growth Club is  your Club. We set it up for you and run it for you. It doesn't cost you a single penny. Essentially, it's based around a series of 8 powerful workshops, each one focussed on one or two proven business growth tactics.  You invite your business clients to join and each Club has between 10 and 12 of your business clients in it. Typically the workshops run every 2 weeks, so each  Club you launch will be active for around 4 months. 

Why should I have my own Growth Club?

You shouldn't if you're not looking to grow your accounting firm, or if you're not focussed on helping your clients build better businesses. However, if you are, here's why the Growth Club will be a major asset to you...

- Zero cost to you (we set it up and run it for you) and very little effort on your part required

-  Differentiates your accounting firm from the competition, making it easier to acquire new clients and retain existing clients

- Enables you to sell more value-added services to existing clients

- Helps you get many more referrals

- Helps your clients build more successful businesses

Who do I invite to join my Growth Club?

We provide all the marketing materials for you to promote your Growth Club (emails etc.). You simply invite your business clients and prospective  business clients to the Club.

Are the workshops virtual or held in a specific location?

All 8 workshops will be held at a pre-agreed local  venue (your office, client's office etc.). 

Is there a limit to how many Growth Clubs I run?

No. It is highly likely you'll have several Growth Clubs running each year. Irrespective of how many Clubs you run, you will NEVER be charged. 

How long does it take to set up my Growth Club?

Only a couple of weeks.  We take care of all the set up and you organise (alongside your appointed coach) the venue, dates and times for the workshops. You obviously need a lead-in time from launch to the first workshop (so diaries can be organised), but it's likely from the moment we accept you, your first Growth Club workshop will take place within 4-6 weeks.

Do I have to pay anything to set up a Growth Club?

No. We set up, deliver and run the Growth Club for you. We make our money from the small investment  your clients make to join the Club. We pay for all workshop materials (printing etc.), set up the web pages promoting the Club and of course  we pay the coach.

All we ask you to do is take care of the venue, which can be your own office, a client's office, local golf club, hotel etc.

Do I have to do any selling?

Absolutely NOT! Included in the set-up of your Club is a web page for your clients to join. We then give you the emails FOR YOU to send to your clients directing them to the page. As soon as one of your clients join, we email you to let you know

How much do clients invest to join the Growth Club?

Normally the investment is £180 per workshop, which is still incredible value for money (click here to see what clients get when they join the Growth Club). 

However, with your involvement you secure a 50% discount for your clients

Therefore, all they invest is £90 per workshop. This is paid up-front in one payment (£720+vat) and covers all 8 workshops and their membership into the Growth Club.

You say it's 'MY Growth Club', what does that mean?

It means we do all the 'heavy lifting' and set everything up for you and run the Club for you, however  it IS your Growth Club...

It's named your Growth Club. 

The workshop materials are tailored to your Growth Club. 

You organise a local venue for your clients. 

And you'll be present at each workshop. 

So you get the major benefit of it being YOUR Growth Club without cost and very little effort on your part.

How do I apply to get my own Growth Club?

Simply click on the button below. You'll be taken to our 'Confidential Growth Club Application Form'. 

It will only take you a few minutes to complete and once he's reviewed your application, Rob Hogarth, our Business Development Director will set up a 20 minute 'Discovery Meeting' with you to see if the Growth Club is a good fit for you or not.
"Limited Openings - APPLY NOW"
Get your own Growth Club  done for you WITHOUT cost!
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