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22nd may 2024

the confidence to charge what you are worth

If you attend this workshop you will learn:

  • Simple tools and techniques you can use to be confident in your pricing with clients that will eliminate virtually all challenges you will get from prospective clients when you tell them your fee.
  • When to value price and when not to (hint: most of what you read about value pricing is wrong)
  • How to move your clients onto subscription based pricing
  • How to price and sell your top package and advisory services
  • How to get your clients and ideal clients to forget about the price tag and see the value of your firm
  • A process and system in order to get your prospects to be hungry for your services and happy to pay the price you quote
  • The confidence to ask for and achieve with minimal push back higher fees
  • An outline of a plan to reprice your clients

Cost: £99 for one workshop or the special offer of £125 for both workshops

6th june 2024

30 days to 10k

If you attend this workshop you will learn:

  • A concrete and step-by-step plan to generate £10k within 30 days (even if marketing is not your thing or you hate using social media)
  • Real life examples from accountants just like you that you can easily replicate to win more business quickly
  • Immediate steps you can put in place to generate business for your practice without feeling as if you need to become a pushy salesperson
  • How to magnetically attract the right type of clients who are happy to pay your rates.
  • Proven tried and tested techniques to vanquish Gary-The-Time-Grabber so you can create the time and focus to implement your plan.

Cost: £99 for one workshop or the special offer of £125 for both workshops


join both workshops for the

special offer of just £125

(original price £198)

Lorna Leonard

Leonard Business Services

From clueless about business development to winning £140k per annum of new business within 9 months of joining the club.

Before I joined the club the growth of my business had plateaued for the last 3 years, and I was in danger of losing some of my portfolio due to succession. Due to my high level of client commitments I only have a few hours a week to dedicate to marketing and business development.

Working with Heather has allowed me to see my inexperience with business development is not a weakness, it's a development area. Heather and I initially clarified the value my firm brings to clients and exactly who we work with. We then worked on a simple networking marketing strategy using LinkedIn. I now have a step-by-step process which I follow daily and weekly to make sure I am meeting and talking to the right people.

Now I know what to do with business development, I am finding I am doing it very well. It was the missing piece of the jigsaw for me and my business. My confidence has grown so much around business development, I'm even advising my clients on their own sales process. When you consider that I still need to update and redo my website, winning £140k of new business within 9 months is nothing short of remarkable.

Paul Donno

1 Accounts

Before joining the club I was working really long hours, particularly in Jan. Prompted by my Growth Expert, I started working from home on a wed to work on the business.

To stop my staff bothering me on this day I:

- Got our practice manager to run daily huddles

- Sat down with my key staff members weekly to go through their workload

- Stopped upwards delegation from my staff

6 months after joining the club we had our best ever January. 18 months after joining the club, we had our 2nd biggest billing month, and our easiest January to date.