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Join the AGC at Accountex to:

  • Get the rest of May free (worth up to £500)
  • BONUS: 1-hour complimentary review of your marketing and sales activities (worth up to £500)
  • BONUS: 1-hour complimentary review of your systems and processes (worth up to £500)
  • BONUS: 1-hour complimentary review of your current talent management strategy and activities (worth up to £500)

Come over and talk to us on Stand 70 to take advantage of this offer.

Talk to Julia (Marketing expert) to get started by scanning or clicking on the QR code below

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alex smith

Thank you for such a great first week’s introduction to the club. I am really, really impressed with all the personalised support, the resources and what’s to come for the team. Feeling really positive about the future and yes I should have signed up sooner!!!

Alex Smith

TaxAssist Plymouth


I only joined the club last month but I have to say I have been blown away by the level of support and advice from my Growth Specialist and all the team.

Matthew Portess

Appleleaf Accountancy

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Scroll down to take a closer look at what you'll receive when you join the Accountants' Growth Club. The club is so much more than just coaching or masterminding with other accountants. Our Growth Specialists get hands-on with members and go much deeper than other coaches for accountants. We are the community who are THE experts in what it takes to grow a small accountancy firm.



There is no substitute for talking with real people who get and understand what you are doing. This is why we started the Daily Power Up Calls. After all, there is only so much comfort, fun and support you can from a Facebook group.

The Daily Power Up Calls (via Zoom) are led by experienced accountants and growth specialists who have been handpicked for their knowledge, expertise and friendly approach. It’s a great way to connect with other members and to set your priorities for the day and the week ahead.

Some members come along every day, others just a couple of times a week.

See what works for you!

Coral Tolley-Fletcher - JVCA

I love the fact that the Daily Power-Up calls are every morning.

When I attend one it normally makes me feel really empowered and inspired. This is because you realise that most of the other members have the same problems but you also get good practical suggestions of how to solve these problems.

Coral Tolley-Fletcher FCCA

Daily power ups

Group Coaching and Mastermind sessions

Included for Grow and Boost members. Every fortnight, join one of our special interest groups to get group coaching and also learn from your accountancy firm owner peers:

  • The AGC100 club for members with a practice under £100k in annual turnover
  • The AGC500 club for members with a practice between £100k - 500k in annual turnover
  • The AGC1000 club for members who are either over £1m or rapidly heading that way
  • The Portfolio FD group for members are portfolio FDs or aspire to add in this service
  • Content Creator Club for members to get hands on help with creating or writing marketing assets or materials.

Growing your accountancy firm need not leave you feeling lonely and exposed. The Accountants' Growth Club will provide you with coaching, opportunities to learn and network with other accountants at similar stages of growth AND with a supportive community around you.

Individual growth planning sessions

All members get regular sessions with their Growth Specialist to review their progress against their Growth Plans, refresh their growth plans and identify their ONE BIG FOCUS for the next 3 months.

(Frequency of planning sessions depends on your membership level)

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White-labelled content to use in your marketing

How much do you spend on your content library or a content feed for your website? Or someone to write your blogs for your firm? As a club member, regardless of your membership level, you will receive a professional written 500-word article focused around a topic that is relevant for small business owners. No more considering what to write each week. No more paying £200 - £500 a month for a freelance writer or marketing agency to help create your content.

This is a 14-week programme, where members are taken through a structured weekly programme to grow their pipeline of new business.

Our first cohort of 10 members who did the programme added over £260k of annual recurring income during the programme. Since finishing the programme each of this cohort now adds between £5k to £15k of annual recurring work each month.

Similar programmes on the marketplace to help accountants win new business cost £3k+.

Every week, delegates are given focused business development tasks to do each day. Which take under 30 mins per day. There is a weekly question and answer session for delegates with a Business Development Expert to answer any questions or solve any challenges delegates may be facing.

Participation in this programme is included as part of the membership fee for Grow and Boost members.

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The Confident People Leader Programme

This is a 14-week programme, where members are taken through a structured weekly programme to become confident at leading and managing their people

Our first cohort of members through the programme have credited it with measurably changing how they manage and lead their people.

Similar programmes on the marketplace to help accountants win new business cost £3k+.

Every week, delegates:

  • Are given self-study materials on a particular topic for the week
  • Discuss the week's topic in a group call
  • Go deep into people challenges faced by delegates that week

Participation in this programme is included as part of the membership fee for Grow and Boost members.

The certified growth Advisor Programme

This is a 6-month 'invite only' programme that teaches participants to learn how to release themselves from the business and take their practice to the next level.

This programme has been described as transformational. Participants talk about 'making friends' for life as a result of the programme.

Equivalent programmes would cost £10k to attend.

This programme is for accountants who:

  • Want to get the resilience in their business so they can take a month's sabbatical and their business would grow without them
  • Are keen to learn how to use coaching to get their staff and clients to take action and use their own initiative
  • Want to move the culture of their firm is it is not dominated by their personality and works whether they are in the office or not (or on holiday)
  • Want a sounding board of like-minded accountancy firm owners who are looking to grow from £250k to £1m+ or more
  • Have a turnover of £250k)
  • Want to create and deliver their framework/system/process of how they do advisory
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AMC Library

Accountants' Growth Club Membership Library

You mean you haven’t seen the membership library yet? It is a treasure trove of not just information but guidance, advice, templates to download and use in your accountancy practice.

There are over 275 resources in the Accountants' Growth Club Membership library and this grows by at least 5+ resources each month! In fact, new resources are normally built in response to member requests. Included within the membership library are new business scripts, process maps, marketing plans, recordings, role descriptions, tip sheets… and much, much more.

You can listen in to our member-only Masterclasses on:

  • Choosing and capitalising on your niche

  • How to generate enough leads

  • How to quickly convert your leads to clients

  • How to turn your existing small clients into large clients

You can download scripts to help your staff to qualify new business leads, there’s a marketing content planner, a website checklist and loads more to really help you get to grips with your marketing and winning new leads.

Members' Mornings

Unlike many coaches for accountants, we provide regular opportunities to network, mastermind and learn from your peers. We get together 10 times a year for a fast-paced 2-hour members' morning on topics which are relevant to our members.

The last few members' morning topics have included:

  • Process mapping our key workflows and learning from other accountants how they have streamlined their processes
  • A deep dive into everything you wanted to know about outsourcing particularly your contractual obligations and GDPR considerations
  • How to generate more business from existing clients such as offering advisory services
  • How to protect yourself from a key fee earner leaving and threatening to take your business with them

From time to time, if members recommend a piece of software, we will arrange for the software vendor to showcase their software in a separate session to interested members.

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team huddle

The Team member Academy

You can't grow your firm on your own. We are the only coaches for accountants who offer regular training opportunities for your team members. With everything you are expected to do, training and developing your people may not be the top of your agenda. The topics included in the Team Member Academy have been chosen to allow you to build a team beneath you that will release you from bring the business.

That's where we come in. The Team Member Academy is a series of delivered 4-8 weeks programmes for your team including topics such as "The Confident Line Manager", "The Confident Client Manager" and "The Confident Business Developer". These programmes include a 1-hour weekly group call to maintain accountability and go deeper into the material as well as 1-2 hours of self-study between weekly sessions.

Exclusive offers with suppliers for accountants

We regularly negotiate discounts for our members with the suppliers and software that they recommend and trust.

You could get an exclusive membership rate with companies such as The Accountants' Recruiter, Syft Analytics, Karbon, Croner-i, Ignition, AGC Digital, Chaser... plus many more

In fact, use your membership benefits and you will pay for your annual membership subscriptions many times over.

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By working with AGC Digital,