You’re here because you’re wondering if you're undercharging your clients…

Hint: Most small accountancy firms are..

Perhaps you’ve realised you are going to have to increase your fees to keep your accountancy practice profitable but are terrified about telling your clients...

Perhaps you constantly lower your prices when you meet a potential client, just to get the business.

One of the first things we work on with our AMC members is the confidence to charge what they are worth and to go ahead with that long-needed fee increase.


Sue Penney

Penney's Accountancy

It was an instant 10% on the bottom line

I was struggling to put up my fees up as it felt like a massive task. It was overwhelming and I was worried about losing clients.

The club gave me advice, encouragement, accountability and basic benchmarking so I could see how much other people were charging. 

My Growth Expert even wrote the letter which I sent out to clients. 

It was an initial 10% net profit which was equivalent to the cost of a junior employee. With more increases to come in the year.


Graeme Tennick

Graeme Tennick and Co

My highest monthly recurring fee used to be £250 per month. With the club's help my average monthly fee is now £500 per month.

I have been on coaching programmes before but never one so specifically aimed at accountants.

I just felt they understood where I was at and where I wanted to be. The amount of resources, assistance and advice has been nothing short of mind-blowing.


Shaileen Shah

Shaileen Shah

Price Mann

We added over £200k in one year with the club's help.

We’ve gone through huge change on restructuring our team, our processes, and have also gone through a massive fee increase! 

The support that the club and the club members have given us has been immense and I can’t thank Heather and the team enough.

Are you struggling to get your prices right?


Answer the questions and we’ll send you a personalised report to show you the areas you need to focus on to grow and scale your practice - the low stress way. Our assessment has been tried and tested by 100s of owners of small accountancy, fractional FD, bookkeeping and tax firms.

In the assessment you'll look at the 11 key areas that will make or break the growth of your firm. One of the key categories is getting the pricing right as part of your business model.

This is an in-depth and thorough assessment... so pop the kettle on, grab a hot drink before you get started.

Yes, it's a little intense... but isn't anything worth doing, worth doing properly? And if the answers were easy to find, you'd have found them already!

This Assessment has been designed to show small accountancy/bookkeeping/tax/Portfolio FD firm owners who want to grow and scale their practice their blind spots and provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve.

  • It takes 15-20 minutes
  • It's completely free
  • Receive customised results instantly


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