Onboard your clients with minimum

fuss and maximum efficiency

First impressions count and a great client onboarding process creates loyal clients who recommend you time and time again.

If you get a good client onboarding process in place, your clients will feel confident they made the right choice for you to be their accountant.

Check out our articles and free downloadable resources on what makes a good client onboarding process, what mistakes to avoid, who in your team should be involved in client onboarding and how client onboarding can help with your business development


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How to onboard new clients so they go “OMG!!”

Have you ever thought “OMG, that’s incredible” as you’ve purchased something, or signed up for a new service? Not “what a good product”, but “Wow, I feel really special”? The chances are that you remember it, speak about it to others and are more loyal as a result. What’s it like in your firm when…
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Avoid these 3 mistakes made when onboarding your new accountancy firm clients

Most problems with clients can normally be traced back in some way to a poor onboarding process. Without a clear and refined process for strengthening the relationship with your client, eliminating any buyer’s remorse, and proving the value of your work, you’re likely to lose that client within the first 90 days of working together.…
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4 essential tools when automating your firm’s onboarding process – they are so simple, your kids could do it!

The best way to keep your clients is to make it easy to work with you from day one of your relationship and the way to do this is with a solid and smooth client onboarding process. This might take time at first, but with automated systems, you’ll soon have a streamlined process that you…
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Extraordinary client service

Your new client onboarding process: What needs to be in it?

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard a small firm accountancy owner talk about struggling to onboard clients effectively and efficiently. This isn’t a “nice problem to have”… Unfortunately when you are growing rapidly you can easily start to over trade and rarely have the time to onboard new clients. Sounds silly,…
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