Onboard your clients with minimum

fuss and maximum efficiency

First impressions count and a great client onboarding process creates loyal clients who recommend you time and time again.

If you get a good client onboarding process in place, your clients will feel confident they made the right choice for you to be their accountant.

Check out our articles and free downloadable resources on what makes a good client onboarding process, what mistakes to avoid, who in your team should be involved in client onboarding and how client onboarding can help with your business development


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a plant growing in a hand to represent cloud accountancy growing

Growth Story: How Graeme Morris Turned a Declining Practice Into a Flourishing Business

A journey from grumpy to grateful and from worried to winning (on the way to growing to £400k!). In 2022, Graeme Morris of Cloud Accountancy Ltd was struggling. He was just over £100k in turnover, but the practice was declining, clients were leaving, and his mental health was not at a good level. It felt…
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man on a mountain peak to represent reconnecting with why

Growth Story: Discover How Graeme Tennick Built a Scalable Accountancy Practice in Less Than Fifteen Months

A rollercoaster tale of entrepreneurial and personal discovery, business scalability, and not being afraid to start again. From March 2021 to the latter part of 2022, Graeme Tennick of Tennick Accountants took his practice from almost bankrupt to thriving. It’s been a rickety roller coaster ride with intense highs and equally dramatic lows, but along…
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Growth Story: How Lynne Moffat Grew a Successful Bookkeeping Practice That Scales 20-50% Each Year

Eleven years ago, Lynne Moffat went from human resources professional to running a successful Hertfordshire bookkeeping practice with her husband. This is their growth story. In 2011 Lynne Moffat and her husband Alistair decided to shake up their professional lives and start a bookkeeping business. Five years into operating a successful franchise in Hertfordshire, they…
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chess pieces to symbolise the best accounting practice management software

9 best practice management software for small accountancy firms 2023

Practice management software is any software that is used to manage the ‘back-office’ of your accounting practice. This includes where you produce, collaborate and track work; where you manage your clients, and things like proposals, payments, and reporting. In an era of remote working, it’s been very interesting reviewing what accounting practice management software has…
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a professional writing a price increase letter to clients

The definitive guide to onboarding new clients for accountants (you can thank us later!)

It’s much more expensive to attract new clients than keep the ones that you already have! But there are so many more benefits to keeping your best accounting clients happy. From gaining referrals and upselling your services to retaining these clients for the long term, building a relationship makes good business sense and it all…
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changing how your practice does things

3 key principles to successfully changing how your practice does things

Engaging with your staff before deciding on a change to working practices is key I’ve been literally thinking about making the change to paperless in my personal life for years. In fact every time I spend about 3-4 hours sorting through the accumulated piles of paperwork I consider making the change. But have I once…
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