9 fun ways to welcome new employees to your accounting firm

Looking for fun ways to welcome new employees to your accounting firm? ‘Fun’ may not be on your radar when you think about your onboarding process, but it should be. That first week is full of intimidation, stress, and anxiety for your new hire, all of which can lead to them feeling overwhelmed and out of their depth which in turn affects their self-esteem and performance. We are guessing that you are going to want them to become a thriving part of your organisation for the long term, so here are 9 fun ways to welcome new employees!

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9 ‘fun’ onboarding methods


1) Announce their arrival via multiple channels

While a simple email may be formal and convenient, why not use all of your communication modes at your disposal to truly make your employee feel welcome at your firm? Any method you have of highlighting your new recruit’s arrival, the better. Not only does this make your new employee feel like a valued addition to the team, but it also ensures that the rest of your employees have minimum chances of missing the announcement. 

Here are some fun ways to announce your new hire:

  • Newsletter mentions
  • Social media page mentions
  • Bulletin board/memorandum welcomes
  • Personal introductions (e.g. in meetings, a stand-up session etc)

2) Make that first lunch count 

Whether you decide to take your new employee to lunch yourself, organise team lunches for the first week or opt for something more fun like lunch roulette, making sure that your employee has someone to go to lunch with that first time (and for the first week) is a really important way to make them feel welcome. 

Making sure that your new employee doesn’t feel left out is critical to their productivity and morale, not to mention that it allows them to make strong interpersonal-professional relationships with your team. This is truly one of the best ways to get this new relationship right from the get-go as it allows them to learn about the culture of the firm and to fill in any gaps that they have that will help them thrive here.

3) Assign them a company mentor 

A fun and effective way to welcome new employees to your firm is by assigning them a company mentor and involving your current staff in the process of assimilating new hires. This gives the more experienced employee the chance to offer them guidance, support, and insight on how the company functions.(Discover the 4 key things you need to do to onboard your new member of staff so they get up to speed quickly)

A mentor has a significant role in onboarding as they can make the new employee feel and ease and get accustomed to all the new things that they have to learn on that first week. Benefits extend beyond this, however, as studies have shown that mentoring has a positive impact on the employee experience, retention rates, productivity, and morale. 

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4) Leave a gift on their new desk

Who doesn’t love feeling noticed and cared about, particularly in the midst of unfamiliar surroundings? By leaving a gift or a handwritten note on a new hire’s desk, you can really make an impact and diffuse the tension for them on their first day. 

If you want to really make them feel welcome (and also build up your internal brand), you can even take it one step further by making a personalised gift that reflects your firm’s culture and values, one that emphasises their place within the organization. It may seem like such a small gesture but this can go a long way in making your recruit feeling motivated and excited about their new job. 

5) Organise a party in their honour 

What is a better way to welcome someone to the firm than with a surprise party just for them? It doesn’t have to be big or elaborate and you can even reuse old decorations!

The idea of throwing a low-pressure, informal gathering for your new employee is that it gives them a chance to socialise with their co-workers before jumping into the responsibilities of their position. Not only is this a great way to ease them into the team, but it also helps them get excited about the job and the people they’ll be working with. 

6) Send them on a scavenger hunt 

When you think of fun ways to welcome new employees, a scavenger hunt may not come to mind, especially in a professional setting. This is a very effective ice-breaking activity, however, as it forces new hire to make introductions with existing staff members as they ask for their help with various clues. It is also a great stress reliever too. 

You can organise a virtual scavenger hunt, but a physical one offers benefits that only come from racing around to various departments. By doing so, new hires will become more familiar with the firm layout and they will build connections and learn more about their peers along the way.

7) Put their photo on the new hires wall

Other fun ways to welcome new employees include displaying a photo of them alongside a humorous note in a place with high foot traffic. Just a day or two before they arrive, display their picture with a note such as “have you seen this person?” or “have you met John yet?” to give your old employees a chance to warm up to the feeling of having someone new on board. 

By the day your new hire walks in, everyone will know his/her name and will automatically greet that person. Not only is this a great ice breaker technique but it also feels a lot more personal to your new employee. 

8) Create a “get to know the staff” cheat sheet

This hack comes under the umbrella for ‘fun ways to welcome new employees’ but it is also extremely effective and is useful for the employee too! 

One of the most anxiety-producing concerns of a new employee is meeting a lot of new people within their first few days and having to remember everyone’s name and the conversations that they’ve had. So how do you help with this? Create a staff cheat-sheet, of course! Design a unique infographic-style sheet with pictures and information about all of the immediate staff that the new employee will be working with and this will be a very handy resource for them in their first week.

9) Have them start on a Friday

A unique method of welcoming a new member is to have them start on a Friday instead of a Monday. Put simply, Friday is less of a busy day for your existing employees so this gives them the chance to meet and welcome the new employee without affecting their productivity. They may even have some downtime to talk to the new employee, get to know them and show them around the office. When the result is less stress for your existing employees and your new hire, the effort from a simple change like this quickly becomes more than worth it. 

Make your new employee welcome from day one

Eliminate the stress of the transition period by implementing these fun ways to welcome new employees to your accounting firm. These ideas will make your new hires feel comfortable and valued at your firm while also fostering a strong work dynamic between existing and new workers, all of which will help your firm thrive.

Don’t forget to download our “free new employee onboarding checklist” to help your new staff members start right

naveed new

After 6 months in the club I was able to stop worrying about cash flow.

When I first joined the club I was living hand to mouth with my cash flow, often having to dip in the money I had put aside to pay my VAT and corporation tax bill. 


I’ve learnt to ask for a price which is in line with the value our firm brings to our clients. In fact, my time in the ‘member spotlight’, was probably worth £50-100k of extra turnover within 12 months of the conversation.


After 6 months in the club I was able to stop worrying about cash flow as I now normally have 30-90 days of cash in the bank on top of the money I need to pay my VAT and corporation tax squirrelled away safely.

Naveed Mughal


The amount of resources, assistance and advice has been nothing short of mind-blowing


Within a month of joining the club we have:

  • Attracted a client who have committed to fee just shy of £500 per month that we would have historically charged £200 per month
  • Have proposals out there that would more than double our clients paying over £300 per month including one where; subject to acceptance, would be in excess of £1,000 per month

Graeme Tennick

Graeme Tennick and Co

Confirmation bias

People become more aware of details that confirm their own beliefs. Not only this but they will also continue to seek out information to support a strongly held view or opinion. Therefore, if a client or prospect has decided you are too expensive or possibly may struggle to manage their affairs, they will seek out ‘evidence’ that confirms their opinion. 

→ How to price accountancy services? 

When it comes to pricing, making a good first impression is absolutely vital. Make sure your website looks up-to-date, modern, and of a high-quality as this is going to impact your ability to truly charge what you are worth. (Discover the 5 Ways Your Small Accountancy Firm’s Website is Stifling Your Ability to Win Bigger and Better Clients)

paul wareham

This year has been revolutionary for me and my team.

We were pretty maxed out with work and I was always too busy firefighting so I knew I needed some help. 


While working in the business, I had become too focused on day to day operations and was not taking time to plan the direction of the firm.  Working with my coach, Ashley, he was able to help me to see what I truly wanted and what I needed to do to get there.


When we get back to full firepower in 2020 we are all looking forward to welcoming the new clients. This growth will definitely allow me to take more time off to be with my family and get back into cycling more often.

Paul Wareham

PS Accountants

Affection bias

People buy people, therefore, before you can make a sale, your prospect needs to know, like and trust you. This is often because of the Affection Bias which is where your brain assumes if you like a person you will like everything about them. 

→ How to price accountancy services? 

If a prospect likes you then they are more likely to buy from you so be able to charge what you are worth, make sure you are building your relationships from the get-go.

Mental Accounting bias/Automation bias

The subconscious brain is very weak at maths. Given that maths requires logical thought and your subconscious brain only gets emotional inputs into its decision-making processes, it’s not really surprising. As a result, the brain uses a cognitive bias called Mental Accounting which is a way of categorising and dealing with our expenditures. One of the impacts of Mental Accounting is we don’t look at an expense in the context of our whole wealth, just our current budgetary period and the expense category. This is why it is often easier to make a sale of £300 per month rather than a one-off price of £3600. It’s also why a Client or Prospect may baulk at the fee you are proposing because it is much higher than the figure they had originally budgeted for accounting and bookkeeping fees. 

→ How to price accountancy services? 

Our brains are more likely to trust the answer from a machine rather than a human (due to the Automation Bias) this is why using a quoting tool in a sales meeting with a client works so well. When “the computer says…” your Prospects and Clients are less likely to push back against the fee quote you have proposed.

Bandwagon effect

Without realising, most people tend to choose the most popular option without really thinking about it and this could be partly due to the Bandwagon effect. Why? Because the more something has been adopted, e.g. social proof, the more likely it will be adopted by others.

→ How to price accountancy services? 

On your pricing page, call out one package (the one you would like most clients to be on) as ‘Recommended’ or ‘Most Popular’. (Read Why your accountancy firm’s pricing package names really matter)

Post-purchase rationalisation

When people HAVE to buy something, they tend to identify a whole host of positive reasons why they really needed to make that purchase. This justification that it was a good purchasing decision is a phenomenon known as Post-Purchase Rationalisation. 

→ How to price accountancy services? 

If you provide value by addressing your new clients specific pain problems and onboarding them well, you will stimulate this post-purchase rationalisation so that they justify your price themselves. This is also the reason why new clients often make the best referral sources. 

Get your prospects to choose you

Before you can sell anything to anyone, many decisions need to have taken place. For example, as a minimum, you need to decide what you want to sell, who you want to sell it too, and how much you want to sell it for. Then your Prospect needs to decide that they need your services and they want to buy it from you. 

As none of these decisions are made rationally, it is essential that you understand the decision-making process that the Prospect goes through when buying from you. Only when you understand this can you adapt your firm’s sales, marketing and account management processes and systems to help your Prospects and Clients use System 1 thinking so that they choose to buy from you. 

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