Getting clients – 11 quick tips to get more.

It's so annoying, you're working hard, have a better offer than your local competitors - but you're STILL not getting clients (well not enough to make the effort worthwhile). Now let's be more precise, you're actually working flat out, you've almost (but not quite) forgotten why you started your accountancy firm in the first place, but getting clients isn't happening properly.

Here are 11 quick tips to help you get more high fee paying clients.

11 quick fire tips for getting clients.

  1. Outside in: View your website through the eyes of a new potential client. Test it by watching somebody else visit it, note what happens and what they see. Then change things around. Outsiders, particularly high fee paying clients need persuading how good your firm is and how they will be helped - it's not there to persuade you!
  2. Clean up: Wipe out 4 non specific phrases from your website. Platitudes mean nothing, excite nobody and convert nobody. How many website have you seen saying "we are different because we believe in good service"? Or "we speak our clients' language"?
  3. Outside in: Examine your client offering, through the eyes of a client. What did you see? The same-old, same-old or something that is irresistible to your clients. (Remember we are not making ourselves irresistible to clients by dropping our fees)
  4. Praise and thanks: Congratulate yourself and your team about what’s going well. Positivity raises morale and helps increase sales, productivity, results…
  5. Why you’re good: Find 10 reasons why your latest clients decided to give you money. Use that to tweak your website to attract the next clients.
  6. Social Media: Do one thing to increase your company’s visibility on LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, Facebook, in fact, any of the social media you choose.
  7. Why you’re not so good: Get 10 real reasons why people didn’t buy from you, even after they spent time with you. Use that information to improve your marketing. These are the people that can tell you what’s wrong. stop leaving it to your prejudices and listen to them! By the way, the real reason is rarely "because you cost too much"; dig deeper - what really happened?
  8. Find one person who could help get your company more exposure who is motivated to do so. Contact them and see where it goes.
  9. FREE: Give your clients something wonderful, for free. It might be a deal on another service (payroll trial), or even an article of interest to them.
  10. Competitors: Remove one claim to be different to your competition from your marketing, replace it with PROOF of how you’re better (that your prospects will understand).
  11. Expertise: Do one thing to prove to your target market that you’re an expert in your field. People buy from trusted experts.

What’s your favourite tip for getting clients?

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