Everything you need to know about running a lead generation webinar (Part 3): How to help people to buy from your webinar

Have you ever signed up for a webinar but never attended? Perhaps you've signed up and attended a webinar but left halfway through or you didn't end up buying? The majority of people fall into one of these categories, so how do you get more high-quality leads that actually convert? Running a successful lead generation webinar takes an entire process that needs to be carefully orchestrated from pre-marketing and signup to follow-up. We've already covered the first and second steps of doing so - getting people to sign up for your webinar and then getting them to turn up and stay - so in part 3, it's all about how to make more sales during your webinar. 

This article series is based upon a virtual (paid) workshop we did on how to run a lead generation webinar. Here is part three of a four-part series (which you can also watch if you click on the embedded video below).

You need to help your audience progress through the buying journey

If you want to make more sales during your webinar, you need to know about the buying journey. Once you know about the buying journey, you can then help your clients to make their way to the end of that journey (i.e. buying from you).

where webinar attendees are in the buying journey

When people sign up for a webinar, they are typically at one of these middle three stages in the buying journey. Nobody signs up for a webinar with everything fine in their world. Well, they rarely do. Most normally sign up because they know they have some problems; they know they have some niggles, they know they need to do something, but they don’t know what.

Some people may even be at a later stage in their journey: they have decided what they need to do about their problem, but they haven’t taken action yet, or they have even started to look for the right people to help them choose the right solution. Whatever stage your audience is in, your job is to help them progress through each step to help them make the decision to buy.

So how do you do that? To make more sales during your webinar, you need to include content that helps your delegates through this process.

Stage 2: "I know I have some problems"

a cat hiding under a blanket to represent how to make more sales during your webinarFor delegates at the start of this journey, they may know that they have problems or they are aware that certain things aren’t working as they should, but they also want to hide away and avoid these problems if they can. They want to know, “could I just sit here and do nothing about that problem? Would it really hurt?”

Your job (if you want to make more sales during your webinar) is to show them that YES, there is an issue that they have, and NO, they can’t hide from it, they need to solve it. In short, you need to show them:

  1. What is the risk of doing nothing.
  2. Why they need to pay attention to the problem.
  3. What ‘pain’ their business will feel or experience if they carry on in the status quo.

These are the three things that you need to have in mind when you plan your content for your webinar. Once you have identified your audiences’ main pain point (for example, cash flow), you can plan content to highlight the implications of doing nothing about it and why they must take action.

Here are some content ideas that you can include:

  • Show them the ‘as-is’ scenario – show them the impact of doing nothing (g. if you don’t do anything about this, you will lose X amount of your client base etc).
  • Include case studies of clients who have had the same issues – show them the power of taking action (include why your clients had these problems and what you did to solve it for them).
  • Include some statistics – show numbers of business failure due to running out of cash and then compare this to businesses who took action (numbers are powerful to include with your stories).
  • Utilise apps – show them visually how the business will suffer without planning and how to avoid it (visuals that accompany numbers can make a real impact).

While planning your content for your webinar, check out part 1 of our blog series which gives more advice on how to get more webinar attendees. If you're struggling with coming up with your webinar topic too, you can also download our step-by-step fail safe system to putting together a webinar title and synopsis which will have your ideal audience registering in their droves.

Stage 3: "I have decided what I need to do about my problems"

a direction sign for how to make more sales during your webinarNext, is delegates who know what their outcome is going to be; that is, they have decided or are deciding what they need to do about their problems. To keep to the ‘cashflow’ theme, these are people who know they need to get control of their cash. They are very rational and are thinking “I need to increase my cash flow or make it consistent, but how? What are the options available to me?”

As these people are already planning what they need to do to solve their problem, your job is to show them how. If you want to make more sales during your webinar, you need to help them see how they would do this and what it would look like.

With your content:

  • Show them the different options available to them – what are the risks, rewards, and pros or cons of each option?
  • Talk them through case studies – show them how you have helped similar business owners achieve the right results. Position your firm as the solution.
  • Anticipate objections to your firm’s solution – show them that these are not real objections (either by having real clients advocating for you on the webinar or showing how the design of your solution minimises the risks).

To show you what we mean, here is an example. If your client knows they have a problem with cashflow, you need to run a webinar that upsells your bookkeeping service. You need to show them case studies of how you have helped other similar business owners with their same problem.

What’s more, is to have one or two of those clients on the webinar to advocate for you. If you can get a client who is using the service that you are trying to upsell, if you can get them to advocate for you in real-time, that will make a massive impact. You can even interview them and really delve into what you did or do for them, how you do it, and how well they are doing now. They will be your best advocates.

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Stage 4: "I'm finding people to help me and choosing the right solution"

a man at a corssroads in a forest to symbolise how to make more sales during your webinarFor delegates who are at the very end of the buying journey, who are looking for the right people to support them in making the right choice, you need to position your firm as the solution. At this stage, they want to know that you are credible and that you can actually do the things that you are saying.

This is a crucial point for you to make more sales during your webinar, so you need to make sure that you cover the following in your content:

  • Include case studies of how you have helped others get good results – using numbers here are great, and if you can have the client live with you, even better.
  • Show your credibility to deliver the work – don’t be shy here, this is where you need to blow your own trumpet. Include important information such as:
    • How many clients take this service from your firm?
    • Qualifications within your firm.
    • Statistics of expected results if a client decided to buy.
    • If you are a gold, platinum etc partner of a particular (and relevant) piece of software.
  • Don’t forget to add the typical costs or fees for the service or product being upsold on the webinar – the last thing you want is to waste time talking to someone who ends up saying, “oh, well, I can’t afford that” so be upfront with your price. This will weed out the low-fee clients from the ones you actually want to work with.
  • Drop in comments such as “if you were like most of our clients…– by mentioning things like, “this is what we do with our clients” and “if you were like most of our clients, you would benefit from this,” you're positioning yourself as the solution. You’re subtly putting out the message that you’re credible, you can help, and that you are already doing it very successfully for others who are thriving.

If you need help with your content and positioning yourself as the solution, download our cheat sheet on how to choose your title and synopsis for your webinar. 

Don't forget to give them the next step!

red sirens hanging to symbolise being clear in a lead generation webinarOne of the most important tips we can give you if you want to make more sales during your webinar is to be very clear about what your call to action is. Tell your audience how to take the next step to work with you.

If you don't say what you want outright, you won't get it so be short and clear, and repeat this message throughout the webinar. Here are some examples of clear call to actions:

  • Book a call in my diary to discuss whether we can help you.
  • Complete this diagnostic and we will ring you to discuss the results.
  • Book a free demo with the team using this link.

Whatever step you want your audience to make, really signpost it for them. Think of it as a big red, blinking sign saying "Hey! If you want to work with this, this is what you need to do!"

If you need help with your content and choosing your call to action, download our cheat sheet on how to choose your title and synopsis for your webinar.

Increase sales in your lead generation webinar

If you want to make more sales during your webinar (and do this consistently), you need to get people to register (part 1), get people to turn and stay to the end (part 2), and get people to buy.

If you want to know how to use webinars to increase sales, what we've outlined is really all there is to it. You need to take your audience through the buying journey and position yourself as the solution. You need to make sure that your content covers each stage of the journey so that your audience can progress from not being sure of what to do to making a decision and finding you as the credible source of help.

Need more help with your lead generation webinar? Find out how to get people to register for your webinar, how to get them to turn up and stay or how to run an ideal webinar in general, see part 1, 2 and 4 of this blog series. 

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