We run a great programme of exclusive masterclasses and workshops for AGC Members. Many of our member-only events are set up as a result of conversations with members in the Daily Power-Up, Fortnightly Accountability calls or in the private Facebook Group.


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Next Programme starts September 2022

Team Leader Programme (for your team members)

This programme is designed for team leaders who are new to the responsibility for leading and managing others. 

This important group of people are promoted and take on extra responsibility yet don't often have the training and support to help them become highly effective in their roles.
You need Team Leaders who can inspire, manage, motivate, coach and develop your staff to maximise efficiency and performance.
The Team Leader Programme is made up of 3 one-hour interactive online Masterclasses which will outline best practice and give guidance and tips on how to effectively manage others. 
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Next Programme starts 12th September 2022


This programme is included in Grow & Boost Club membership levels. It's for accountants who:

  • Want a regular source of good quality new business
  • Realise that they need to either invest time or effort or money to generate new business
  • Want the reassurance that their marketing is working (and what they can ignore)
  • Want to find a way of generating new business which works for them

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Tuesday 12 July

Growth Club Member Morning

Hybrid working and getting people back into the office.

Get together for 2 hours and you will come away with:

  1. A plan to regroup your team and establish new ways of working now we are coming to the tail end of the pandemic.
  2. Ideas from other members on how to get the team back in the office more often – and how to make the most of your time in the office together.


  • Ideas, tips and tactics to win business via LinkedIn.

Take a look at what's coming up for members-only. If you'd like to book a 15-minute call to chat about becoming a member.

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Andy Smith Abbeygate Accounting

"The experience in the room and the advice provided was invaluable to me. 

The value that Heather and the team have added to my practice in one session means I will be joining The Accountants' Growth Club in the new year. 

I love the hands-on approach, the open discussions and that we were given joint exercises and breakouts to work with other accountants. It was a really focused session"

Andy Smith

Abbeygate Accounting
Robert Quaye Probitas Accountancy

"I was really blown away, not only by the content but the leaders, Heather and the team were excellent. 

There were those just starting their practice and mature practices there, but nobody felt left out, as the presentation and topics were handled in a such manner that we all gained a lot from them.

The resources they provided alone were enough to help us."

Robert Quaye

Probitas Accountancy
Rebecca Foy circle

"The resources within the club have been a lifesaver and saved me months of work. 

We’ve sent members of our firm to the free workshops for members run by the club. They have been invaluable to help us bring team members along the journey that the firm is currently on."

Rebecca Foy

Davis & Co
Alex Redmond

I attended Heather and the team's online workshop. I would normally get distracted and end up answering emails, but I couldn't' escape. The content was engaging and interactive, the energy level high. The result was a feeling that I had l earned something, together with a clear plan of action and the motivation to make it happen.

Alex Redmond

Artisan Accounts

I was pleasantly surprised that I got very similar outcomes as if I had been at a physical workshop

Having been around for a while my preference is to always meet people in person and "press the flesh", however, having attended my first virtual workshop run by Heather and the team, I am rethinking this.

A virtual workshop has the advantage of no travelling time, attendance can be from anywhere in the world. I was pleasantly surprised that I got very similar outcomes as if I had been at a physical workshop. Ashley and Heather are real experts in delivering engaging content and exceptional value

Paul Miller

Cornish Accounting