Three unusual reasons why visiting Trade Shows is a wise investment for your practice

With Accountex tickets available and people talking about registering, speaking and exhibiting at this annual festival of Accounting, you are probably fed up with all the hype.  Now here I am blogging about it too, please bear with me. I am not sponsored by any event, but as a technology geek, and business advisor I want to pass on my enthusiasm so that you too get the most of what is available, and for free. Read on for three great, but often unthought of reasons, why your practice will benefit from a day at Accountex.

With so much happening in our industry at the moment, it is important to be aware of what tools and services are available to help you to get where you want to be.  A visit to Accountex this year will not only open your eyes but give you new ideas and keep you abreast of everything in our industry.

By doing the same things day in day out, you could be missing a trick and not keeping your business up to date with all the latest trends and insights.  You’ll also get a chance to network with your peers and hear some great industry speakers who have probably done what you are going through right now. Plus there will be many software providers at the event too.  The big guns will be there of course, but what about the newest APPS that are appearing and with open banking you can find out more about finance to really add value to your clients.

We are delivering a webinar next Tuesday, 10:00 UK time, all about systems and processes to help you double your practice efficiency. (Click here to register for free) In this webinar, we will be joined by Nicola Sorrell, owner of Effective Accounting, who will explain how she has changed just about everything in her practice following her very first visit to Accountex last May.  She has had a very busy year, but as you’ll hear in the webinar, it was worth it. Yes, she will be going again this year, why not.

We’ll also explore the importance of keeping up to date and using processes and tools to help you get some organisation in your practice. Many of us have a spreadsheet to keep an eye on things and we probably have some sort of whiteboard to track jobs.  But with the advances of cloud software, there are many new products regularly coming onto the market that will help streamline your business and make efficiencies.

Do you really want to remember to check a spreadsheet to remind you to do an annual return?  The very latest software can automate some of the mundane jobs that we have been doing for years.  This then frees up time for you and your team to do more rewarding and lucrative work for your clients, or maybe take on more clients.  With the right technology stack for your practice you will have more time at your disposal and if you want to grow, one of the first steps is to get back your time.

Senta, the Practice Management software innovators will be on hand to demonstrate how they use automation and integration to take the guesswork and mistakes out of the humdrum to help with getting even more time for your practice. They will show how they have taken our Onboarding Process from the Accountants' Growth Club and replicated this in their Practice Management Solution to automate nearly 90% of the steps involved.

If you want to know more, please get in touch, or register for our webinar here.

Register for Accountex here, and if you want to know more about how to grow a £1M firm come along to The Future Theatre on Day 2 at 10:15 am to hear Heather Townsend deliver her seminar.  We’ll also be on Stand 860 with our friends Global Infosys.

Ready to kick-start the growth of your firm?