The accountant’s definitive website checklist 2018: All the elements of a successful website [+ free PDF]

Did you know that even if you are the best accountancy firm in the world, if your accountancy website is out of date, a mess, or tries to make out that you offer all things to all people, then you will be losing leads left, right and centre? The problem is that most small accountancy firm websites are built without a real understanding of who is their ideal target market. As a result they tend to get at best mediocre results, even if the firm has spent a large budget on their website design. I'm sure you've seen these websites. They often include handy phrases such as 'whatever your needs we can help' or 'value-added services'. If only they had used a website checklist at the point they were briefing a website designer or copywriter!

I am regularly asked to look over a small accountancy firm's website to evaluate its current impact and effectiveness. So, I decided to codify exactly what I was looking for and built this infographic to be used by small accountancy firms as an accountancy website design checklist.  

In this post you will find an accountancy firm website checklist with all the elements of a successful work-winning website in one place. 

Let's be honest; whilst the infographic has everything you need to critically evaluate the effectiveness of your firm's website, it's not that practical to use in it's current format. To use the website checklist with your current website, download it's useful PDF version. It contains over 100+ elements for you to critically evaluate the impact and effectiveness of your small accountancy firm's website.

The definitive accountancy website checklist for small accountancy firms.

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The PDF has bigger letters, more information, and handy check boxes.

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