10 things your receptionist needs to do so you get referrals.

With so many growing small accountancy firms relying on a steady flow of referrals from existing clients, its important that you maximise your potential for word of mouth business. Did you know that probably the most important person in your referral marketing team needs to be your receptionist? No, seriously. Your receptionist is the key to getting more word of mouth referrals from existing clients AND visitors to your office. Let me explain a little further


Good client service is passe

These days we all expect our professional advisors to deliver great client service, that is a real problem!  Your competitors know this, you know this and everyone (normally) does it. As good service is now expected and it isn't something your clients will proactively tell other people about. Good client service is no longer a differentiator (in a good sense), only excellent client service will help you differentiate yourself (positively).

More word of mouth referrals

If you are going to generate more word of mouth referrals you need a level of service that compels your clients to proactively talk about you. Your receptionist has a major part in delivering this extraordinary client service to your clients.

For example, does your receptionist:

  1. Routinely offer to take your visitors' coats and personally hang them up – rather than just pointing your visitors to the cupboard?
  2. Offer to take your visitors' wet umbrellas and put them somewhere where they can dry out.
  3. Have a personable manner and greet your visitors with a smile and take the time to get to know them?
  4. Offer to personally make your visitors a drink and know which is their favourite biscuit?
  5. Offer to charge their phone while they are in a meeting?
  6. Ask your visitors whether they would like to take advantage of the firm’s WiFi for visitors?
  7. Offer your visitors the use of a private meeting room if they would like to work before or after a meeting with you?
  8. Work hard to ensure they connect their callers to the right person and not a voicemail?
  9. Know the right questions to ask potential new clients when they call so that they put them through to the right person that can help (you may not want all new business calls given to you)?
  10. Have a list of trusted professionals to hand that your firm routinely passes work on when you don't do it. What does your receptionist tell callers about if your firm doesn’t offer the service that callers require?

Your firm’s receptionists are a major part of your team to deliver consistent Extraordinary Client Service.

Ignore them at your peril!

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How do you build excellent client service into your firm?

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