From £500k to £1m: Getting the business to run without you

£500k to £1m: Getting the business to run without you

👉 Are you struggling to grow your practice from £500k to £1m?

👉 If you took a holiday would the business struggle?

👉 Have you lost your mojo for your accounting firm?

👉 Do you wish you had a leadership team who could run the business without you?

👉 Would you like to rapidly scale your practice by acquiring books of business?

If, so you need to book onto this Amplify your Growth Week session!

Growing your firm is much more than winning new business. After all, if you can get your firm to £500k you have proved you can win business. When you scale from £500k to £1m it’s all releasing yourself from being the business. After all, you already know that you can no longer be the most chargeable person in the business. But what is your role? And where are your talents best used within your practice? When you can figure out the answers to these 2 questions and build a team around you the growth of your firm will fly.

This phase of your business growth is reliant on creating a strong leadership team who can run the business in your absence but also finding the right methods to accelerate the growth of your business to £1m quickly.

Join this session with 4 accountants who have either successfully navigated this stage or are nearly there: Gareth Burton of Assure UK and Progress UK, Rebecca Foy of Davis and Co, Sian Kelly of Inform Accounting and Nicky Larkin of Goringe Accountants

• How to use acquisitions to radically accelerate your firm’s growth

• How to build a senior team who can run the business without you

• How to establish where you are personally best utilised in the business

• How to reduce the time you spend in the business​


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Amplify Your Growth Week runs from 19-22 October 2021! A great range of 40-minute webinars all aimed at helping you to grow your accountancy practice. To book onto more sessions in the week click here


Oct 21 2021


1:40 pm - 2:30 pm

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Heather Townsend


Heather Townsend
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