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  • Stop being overwhelmed and find the clarity and direction to grow your practice.

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a plant growing in a hand to represent cloud accountancy growing

Growth Story: How Graeme Morris Turned a Declining Practice Into a Flourishing Business

By Becky Rogers | April 15, 2024

A journey from grumpy to grateful and from worried to winning (on the way to growing to £400k!). In 2022, Graeme Morris of Cloud Accountancy Ltd was struggling. He was just over £100k in turnover, but the practice was declining, clients were leaving, and his mental health was not at a good level. It felt…

man on a mountain peak to represent reconnecting with why

Growth Story: Discover How Graeme Tennick Built a Scalable Accountancy Practice in Less Than Fifteen Months

By Becky Rogers | March 18, 2024

A rollercoaster tale of entrepreneurial and personal discovery, business scalability, and not being afraid to start again. From March 2021 to the latter part of 2022, Graeme Tennick of Tennick Accountants took his practice from almost bankrupt to thriving. It’s been a rickety roller coaster ride with intense highs and equally dramatic lows, but along…

glass ceiling

Growth Story: Learn how Paul broke through the ceiling and grew his practice to 500k

By Becky Rogers | February 19, 2024

How Paul overcame business hardship to start over and grow a family-owned practice from £250k to over £600k in five years. Paul Donno is the owner and Director of 1 Accounts Online, an award-winning cloud accountancy practice in Haverhill. Heather first met Paul at the British Accountancy Awards in 2016, where he had just won…