From £250k to £500k: Releasing you from being the business

From £250k to £500k: Releasing you from being the business

👉 Are you struggling to grow your practice from £250k to £500k?

👉 Are you suffering from team members not taking initiative and leaving you to do most of the work?

👉 Is your cash flow always permanently tight?

👉 Has your practice taken over your life (and not in a good way)?

👉 Have you got parts of your practice or clients that you are making a loss on?

If, so you need to book onto this Amplify your Growth Week session!

Growing your firm is much more than winning new business. After all, if you can get your firm to £250k you have proved you can win business. When you scale from £250k to £500k it’s all about getting the profitability up by getting the team to deliver for you. You can no longer be the most chargeable person in the business. Indeed you are likely to need at least one more qualified accountant in your team if you are ever going to be able to take a holiday from the practice and relax.

This phase of your business growth is reliant on your stepping up to lead your practice and vanquish the small voice of doubt in your head. After all, you’ve got a large wage bill to pay and a lot to lose right now if it all goes wrong.

Join this session with 4 accountants who have either successfully navigated this stage or are nearly there: Paul Wareham from PS Accountants, Paul Miller from Cornish Accounting Solutions, Alex Redmond from Artisan Accounts and Guy Robinson from Xebra Accounting

• How to get the best out of your staff members

• What systems to invest in to improve the efficiency of your practice

• How to get your team members to step up and lead the client relationship

• Where your firm is typically losing money and how to address these profit holes​

• How to put your business development onto autopilot so it doesn’t become your day job


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Amplify Your Growth Week runs from 19-22 October 2021! A great range of 40-minute webinars all aimed at helping you to grow your accountancy practice. To book onto more sessions in the week click here


Oct 21 2021


12:50 pm - 1:30 pm

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