From £50k to £250k: Going from it being just you to having a team

From £50k to £250k: Going from it being just you to having a team

👉 Are you struggling to grow your practice from £50k to £250k?

👉 Are you suffering from team members leaving or not delivering to the standards you need?

👉 Are you working long hours but still the lowest paid person in the practice?

If, so you need to book onto this Amplify your Growth Week session at 12pm Thursday 21 October. 

Growing your firm is much more than winning new business. When you scale from £50k to £250k the demands on your time increase 3-fold. Not only do you need to maximise your chargeable time with clients to be able to afford your team, but you also have to attract and develop your team, put up your fees, get the right process and systems in your business, win new business and at some point have some downtime with your family. Phew… no wonder you are shattered right now.

Join this session with 4 accountants who have either successfully navigated this  Naveed Mughal from Accurox, Lorna Leonard from Leonard Business Services, Rich Sykes from Create – Rock and Roll Accountancy, David Munro from Munro and Partners. 

Join this session and you will learn from their personal experiences:

How other accountants have successfully transitioned their practice from it being just them to a team

How to juggle the many requirements on your time particularly balancing client work, new business development, training your team

How to increase your firm’s capacity without it breaking the bank by utilising part-timer staff members, outsourcing and offshoring.

How to gain the confidence to reprice your clients’ fees so that you can afford to pay for more resource

How to get everyone working the same way


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Amplify Your Growth Week runs from 19-22 October 2021! A great range of 40-minute webinars all aimed at helping you to grow your accountancy practice. To book onto more sessions in the week click here


Oct 21 2021


12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

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