How to increase your fees

How to increase your fees by 20% without losing sleep at night

👉 Are you struggling to make a decent income from your practice… but working incredibly long hours?

👉 Are you wondering how to increase your profit margin so you can afford more resource?

👉 Do you know you are undercharging your clients, but not sure how to go about increasing their prices?

If so, you need to book onto this Amplify Your Growth Week session!

Growing your firm is much more than winning new business. In fact, if you want to grow your firm from £50k to £250k you are most likely to need to increase your prices. Even if your firm is bigger than this there are likely to be pockets of fees that need a fee increase. Setting your fees too low is one of the classic mistakes accountancy firm owners make. Sadly this mistake will become a handbrake on your firm’s growth.

Join this session on Tuesday 19th October at 12.50pm UK) with a special guest from Practice Ignition for to learn:

• How to increase a clients’ fee by a chunky amount and experience little or no push back from the client

• How other firms are pricing bookkeeping and payroll and making these services highly profitable

• Why your marketing and sales technique is causing you to attract price-sensitive clients and what you can do about it.

• Simple tools and techniques you can use to be confident in your pricing with clients which will eliminate virtually all challenges you will get from prospective clients when you tell them your fee.


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Amplify Your Growth Week runs from 19-22 October 2021! A great range of 40-minute webinars all aimed at helping you to grow your accountancy practice. To book onto more sessions in the week click here


Oct 19 2021


12:50 pm - 1:30 pm

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Heather Townsend


Heather Townsend
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