Amplify Your Growth 2022 – Growth Story Conversation with Craig Williams from Z-E-N Accountants

Join Heather Townsend, founder of The Accountants' Growth Club in conversation with Craig Williams from Z-E-N Accountants

You'll hear:

  • How Craig has built a successful accounting practice which has released him to spend the majority of his time volunteering and enjoying the great outdoors
  • What steps Craig put in place to switch his team from all being in an office together to working remotely
  • How Craig monetised his niche - the music and media industry
  • What Craig learnt from acquiring a practice

Join us at 2pm on Thursday 15 September

7am MT|9am ET|5pm GST|6.30pm IST


Sep 15 2022


2:00 pm

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Heather Townsend


Heather Townsend

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Craig Williams
Craig Williams
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