In Conversation with… Rachel Sestini of Sestini and Co

Join Heather Townsend in conversation with Rachel Sestini of Sestini and Co.

Key points –

If you attend this growth story you will find out how:

  • Rachel has grown a specialist US/UK tax practice from the ground up to £800,000 and 14 staff in 10 years;
  • What Rachel has learnt on her journey to release herself from doing client work key points: the importance of focusing in, rather than trying to do too many things/offer too many services; how to get better at delegation and how to keep learning to get better at delegation
  • The key challenges Rachel has overcome when her practice has been through periods of turbo-charged growth key points: the importance of planning ahead and thinking about how systems and processes need to change, as far ahead as possible; anticipating the need for recruitment; not forgetting that business development needs to continue even when it’s busy, to avoid the “boom & bust” cycle
  • Rachel has built (nearly) self-sufficient teams who work in different locations key points: it takes time to get the right people and to integrate them into the firms ethos and aspirations; a culture of continuous improvement is much more productive than aiming for perfection; remembering it’s a good thing if the team don’t need me/don’t do things the way I would do them.
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May 16 2023


2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
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