9 Lessons from 9 Accountants: The Secrets to Repricing Success

If you attend this webinar you will learn:

➡️ Why the 1/4/12 rule of pricing which is widely adopted by many clients is actually turning clients away

➡️ How much you can really increase fees without worrying about losing more than 5% of your client revenue. Hint: it’s significantly more than you realise

➡️ How to use the influence of anchoring all through the client relationship in order to have no push back to regular fee increases

➡️ How to use the 2 ingredients of simplicity and consistency to add a minimum of 10% to your profits with your pricing

➡️ Real life tips and tactics to charge the right price for the work being done, even if you are scared stiff that the client or prospect will walk

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Oct 04 2023


UK time
10:00 am - 11:30 am
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