In Conversation with… Michael Murray of M Squared Accountants, 15 November at 2pm

Join Heather Townsend in conversation with Michael Murray from M Squared Accountants  

Join us for this 30-minute webinar and you'll hear:

1. Michael's key critical moves which have enabled him to grow his practice from 0 to £500k in 5 years

2. How he has managed to go from all the clients wanting to speak to him to most of his clients now speaking first to his team.

3. How he is weaning himself off working long hours and what he is doing to gradually move to a 4-day a week working pattern in 2023

4. What he has learnt through opening a new office in a new town

5. His secrets to winning approx 20 new clients every month for the last 6 months


 2pm on Tuesday 15 November

7am MT|9am ET|5pm GST|6.30pm IST


Nov 15 2022


2:00 pm

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Michael Murray


Michael Murray
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